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Control your content and keep the maintenance costs of updating all your AR/VR/3D trainings to a minimum.

Host & manage your trainings

Upload all trainings to the secure server infrastructure hosted in Germany and start integrating the content into your infrastructure.

Host & manage your trainings

Distribution Settings

Set your sharing links per training and define the protection mechanisms. You can also create a portal link with access to your entire library.

Distribution Settings

Easy editing

Make quick changes in the XR editor, upload voice guides and adjust the immersive parts. Save time and communication pain these instant update capabilities.

Easy editing
Product Steps

Step by Step

The basic format for immersive training is process based. This means each instruction is segmented into individual steps that show, highlight or animate ontop of the 3D models and can be easily edited and updated. Audio guides can be added to each step.

Performance Analytics

Track your weekly completed trainings and user statistics based on anonymous session data.

Performance Analytics

Key Functionality


Multimedia Context Management

Enhance and attach: text, audio, video, images for access during content



Deposit multiple languages per immersive training for global scalability


Hosting & Training management

All your trainings and instructions available in your immersive cloud


Export Functionality

Export for documentation directly back into your PLM database or LMS database


Management of Distribution Settings

→ Link creation, Password Protection, Tracking Links


API Integration

exchange performance meta data to and from your internal platforms.

Book a training creation

The end-to-end service to bring your AR/VR/3D hard skill training to life.

Register for internal use of AUCTA

The onboard program for your 3D and training creation experts to use AUCTA’s full suite from creation to publication.