Integrated, standardized and partially automated framework to enable 3D experts create cost-efficient immersive experiences from 3D/CAD data and knowledge.

Creation based on popular 3D tools

AUCTA creation is optimized for Blender with perfect import capabilities for 3D/AUTOCAD files. With the structure followed in the documentation and the respective GLTF export plugin, AUCTA content can be created by a variety of 3D tools: 3DS MAX, Blender, SolidWorks, Maya, SketchUp, Cinema4D to name a few...

Use the pipeline for your advantage

Hire AUCTA experts

AUCTA offers custom creation services to create quality trainings/instructions fast.

Framework onboarding session

Learn how to create content for AUCTA in a 1 day tutorial. Blender experience in modeling and animation is required.

Source Data

3D/AR/VR instructions combine process knowledge and 3D data.

Create a fully scalable XR training

Roll Out 1 Training

Create New XR Training

  • Collaborate with us and deliver a first scalable immersive training (AR, VR, 3D) in less than a month.
Pricing Overview

Convert Existing VR Training

  • Make an existing VR training accessible to learners at any time for any device without app install.
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