The AUCTA player enables AR/VR/3D training to be consumed across all devices and platforms through the browser with a simple link enabling instant scalability.

One format
to rule them all.

Before AUCTA, immersive training was distributed to one device, often for limited users and with significant hardware investment costs – ruining the ROI in immersive training.

Let’s forget about that. Together.

*Augmented Reality can be experienced in direct relation with workspace, equipment and machines, which is referred to as contextual AR. Alternatively to that, AR content can be non-contextual, allowing for enhanced remote content consumption experiences.

How AUCTA allows you to scale:

The trainings your AR/VR agency has built for you

The devices your customers have

The devices your trainees own

The devices maintenance is using

Enable all consumer groups to access immersive content

Instant access & protected sharing

Compatible with the devices your employees have in their pockets


The sharing link methodology enables you to instantly integrate and distribute AUCTA on your preferred channels and reach your intended end user audience instantly.

Future Interoperability

Organizations planning for the future have to rely on standards. AUCTA exports to GLTF, the web standard for advanced AR/VR model display that enables organizations to integrate your AUCTA data into existing infrastructure and future not yet built systems.