Better and Faster Training
for Industrial Gas Tank

AR supported onboarding for
equipment of industrial facility

Berlin, Nov 18, 2019

If new machinery is introduced to a team of workers nowadays it is typically accompanied by paper-based instructions and demonstration.
If new workers enter a department, the responsible department manager or trainer usually onboards them personally in combination with a bunch of materials to read through.

Challenges in Onboarding for Machinery and Equipment

Personal demonstration by experts is usually a bottleneck, due to the high workload and demand of experts. Know-how can’t scale properly.
Paper based instructions on the other side scale, but there are high chances that workers won’t learn the process properly which results to decreased work space safety and increased error rates.

Highest Training Quality – At Scale

Experts use the AUCTA content management system to create scalable trainings, programming-free.
The Augmented Reality glasses support the learning worker with the know-how from the expert.


aucta video poster

Spatial recording: The AR glasses map the gas tank in combination with a zero-point sticker and recognize it the next time someone uses the the glasses.

Content creation: The creator creates the training in the content management system. Instruction can be text, audio, video, image or 3D room based.

Learning mode:The worker and trainee can now use the glasses anytime to learn how to use and operate the machine or a specific work scenario.