Accelerating Research Efficiency in
Cancer Research Laboratory

AR supported operative DNA
extraction to reduce error rates

Berlin, Nov 18, 2019

All research institutes aim to discover the next big breakthrough.
However discovery itself can’t be managed – imagine managing Albert Einstein to accelerate his discovery of relativity theory.
In every field of research there are methods which if performed correlate with the chances of producing findings. If these experiments can be performed more easily, faster and with higher chances of succeeding, chances of discovery are increased.

Challenges in Laboratory Research Work

In Biotech laboratories researchers cannot use tablets and mobile phones due to the sterile lab environment. At the same time their work consists of long procedures with multiple steps to remember.
Most protocols followed are 50+ steps long and these protocols are rarely executed more than once.
Mistakes done result in a complete redo and invalid research findings. This slows down progress and reduces chances for breakthroughs in findings and increases risk for lack of follow-up investments.

Error Reduction is Research Efficiency

There’s empirical evidence that humans can only store 5-9 things in their minds at the same time. To reduce the cognitive load of having to remember 50+ steps, the lab researchers integrated their next protocols to the AUCTA CMS and then went on to perform their work.


aucta video poster

A step-by-step instruction format with 2D text instructions.

Free gesture interaction which works perfectly well while wearing gloves.

Easy content creation into the content management system and synchronization to glasses.