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Driving efficiency and cost savings across the value chain.

Our Approach


Internal and external knowledge sharing has remained reliant on a limited number of tools and channels such as PDF and video for decades.
ALPHR Technology recognised that embracing new ways of knowledge sharing is key to enable the company to evolve and differentiate itself.
The key challenge was to be able to produce interactive visualizations that could be used across the business, from sales to servicing.


AUCTAs visualizations enable ALPHR to reuse their CAD files across their value chain through easy to share interactive product and process visualizations.
The use of these visualizations enables ALPHR to explain complex automation solutions, increasing engagement from both potential and existing customers, along with internal stakeholders and external partners.


ALPHR is in the early stages of rolling out AUCTAs visualizations. Data will be shared as soon as available.

"We instantly saw the value of the AUCTA platform and how it offers ALPHR the opportunity to be transformative across sales, installation, commissioning and support."

Tom Ross

Tom Ross

Head of Sales, ALPHR Technology

Alphr technologies

3D visualizations produce significant business benefits.

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