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AUCTA v 2.0

Mai 2, 2020

May 2020
Release of AUCTA v 2.0

Version 2.0 introduces the most ground-breaking change in AUCTA since founding of the company.

From being a native application for Augmented Reality Head Mounted Display training and hands-on interactions the new technology stack and infrastructure is built to support all devices and platforms through a WebXR stack. Multiple interaction systems for 2D and VR have been created to ensure cross-platform usability. Content can easily be shared and integrated through the web links and for the first time allows infinite scalability from the smallest team to the largest enterprise.

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AUCTA Engine 1.0

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→ WebXR stack
→ Device and platform recognition
→ CDN Content Delivery Network using Amazon Web Servicess
→ Hosting and data security on German Servers (Frankfurt)
→ Compression algorithms for automated file-size reduction reach 95% size reduction on average

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→ GLTF/GLB data standard and interoperability
→ AUCTA content fully exportable and readable through GLTF player (learning experience still requires AUCTA interaction systems or comparable Viewer/Player technologies)

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AUCTA Player 1.0

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→ Observer mode released (comparable to CGI videos with a navigation)
→ 2D based responsive UI and interaction system for smart phones, tablets and desktop
→ Immersive responsive UI and interaction system for spatial computing environments (VR headsets and AR HMDs)
→ Step by step navigation mechanism
→ Audio guides
→ Camera settings per step and animated POV movement transition for non-immersive devices

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AUCTA Pipeline 1.0

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→ File structure and framework compatible with Blender open source 3D creation software
→ Seperation between code and content allows hassle-free content creation as 3D creator
→ Creation of DIY onboarding documentation with example tutorial

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