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AUCTA v 2.3

November 20, 2020

Interactivity for all 3D-VR Instructions

Version 2.3 introduces interactivity. Users can now interact with their VR controllers and "press to activate" animations. This increases the users engagement in training scenarios and creates higher retention.

Creation Workflow for Interactivity

In order to create interactive 3D-VR experiences no additional creation time is involved, except for a simple "trigger" annotation to the to-be-interactive element of the 3D model.

  • Every step can have any number of animations. Each animation should follow the naming convention step-XX/object-id, where object-id is the name of one of the children of step-XX.
  • The animation will be applied to the object object_id every time the step step-XX becomes visible.
  • All animation of a given step must be of the same length. All animations belonging to a step will be started at the same time and will be played in a loop, so they will get out of sync if their lengths are not identical.
  • Every animation will be played in a repeating loop.
  • Each step object must have a child empty object called step-XX/camera. The position and the rotation of that object will be used to position the camera of the training software.

Last Edited on Sep 2, 2020, 15:00 PM.

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