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Alternative to Innoactive

Januar 6, 2020

Virtual Reality training is a vivid market where Innoactive is a solution provider based in Munich, Germany. Learn about the differences and optimal use of AUCTA compared to Innoactive.

Type of Experience

Innoactive provides a plethora of possible training concepts as a framework/SDK inside the powerful Unity editor. This includes dense training simulations and deep immersive experiences.

Default-aligned image AUCTA's experience focuses the user on interacting with 3D data based processes

AUCTA differentiates with specialized step-by-step linear training experiences based on 3D CAD data. This standardization comes with limits, but enables you to learn AUCTA much faster (within hours) and makes it a lean tool with an unbeatable cost-creation efficiency.

Check out one of AUCTAs demos to understand what AUCTA can do.


Rolling out VR trainings is still a hard endeavour, especially when the VR experience should also provide high user value on tablets, desktop computers and smart phones. Innoactive allows distribution with a native application "build" from its Unity SDK onto VR glasses like Oculus Quest and HTC Vive but also being able to deploy to desktop and mobile devices.

Default-aligned image AUCTA lets you scale instantly to all devices with the same shortlink generated in your backend

By relying on Web technologies compared to the Unity technology, AUCTA requires no native app installation and can be shared instantly to VR glasses and enable fully immersive experiences, while providing the same experience on desktop computers and mobile devices without compromise on the quality.

If you distribute your content through AUCTA you will be able to share weeks, sometimes months and thousands of dollars in roll-out costs. If you decide to make changes – no problem: updating content happens instantly and requires no additional re-installations or updates as the updated content remains available in the same short link.

Default-aligned image AUCTA is easy to use and provides full functionality without compromising

Compatibility over all platforms is not a simple "checkmark" category: The quality of experience gap between VR – especially if it's a VR first solution provider – has to be carefully considered. AUCTA takes this very serious and developed a unique adaptive interface for all 2D handheld devices which enable the best possible training experience for what those "lesser immersive" devices can offer and takes the risk for handheld device adoption when rolling out across your organization.

Interoperability & Exporting

A huge budget monster is the initial data preparation when organizations start out doing multiple VR projects, with little to no data export optimization. Innoactive drastically reduces creation time if you create a comparable Unity application from your previous ones with the same 3D data, but if you want to mix different VR technologies, you will run into export limitations where 3D assets have to be manually exported from Unity in 3D files with high information loss when scenes had been finally assembled in Unity itself.

Buyers who have learned they need another tool but know the cost of change is too high will often fall into a sunken cost fallacy trap, creating dependency on the solution provider.

Default-aligned image Simple export functions enable quick use of existing 3D data for other projects

AUCTAs approach to cross-solution synergies lies within the use of the open GLTF data standard, the "PDF for interactive 3D". A fully assembled "AUCTA file" still consists of 3D data combined with meta data, but still these GLTF files contain a significant amount of information itself and can always be exported for other applications or environments to be repurposed putting the risk for the buyer to a minimum.

Default-aligned image GLTF is the PDF of interactive 3D, Source: Khronos Group

After all: Who knows today how many platforms and which devices we will use in 3D and VR in 5 years?

Maximum Flexibility

Innoactive provides the buyer not only with a portal to manage all purchased or created trainings, but also provides you with a network of service partners who can help you make your VR trainings reality with your budget. The open source framework/SDK inside of Unity also allows for the internal XR department to select Innoactive as part of their creator stack.

Default-aligned image

Here both tools are very comparable to each other: both are open to use and learn yourself, but also allow for your own or a network of service partners to support you on the creation challenges.

Default-aligned image AUCTAs service process for content creation can also easily be internalized

For your use case, AUCTA might have significantly lower minimum costs, as the provided system is already fully implemented and allows to directly focus on content creation.


Default-aligned image The ease of integration provides a high amount of freedom where to put interactive 3D content

With the power of the "Link", AUCTA lets you embed content into any existing platform and channel by default. This fundamental difference in its platform design enables You, the customer, to think of AUCTA as a component to your existing infrastructure, rather than having to open a new chapter of complexity and upfront investment into custom integration efforts.


Immerses pricing is custom adapted to every enterprise customer and not publicly available and consists of a mix of platform licenses and custom services.

AUCTAs pricing starts at 299€/month per "creator" seat, allowing content creation, distribution and starting multi-user sessions.

AUCTA offers custom creation services with a transparent price tag based on "steps" for customers who want to work with AUCTA for content creation instead of insourcing.

Learn more about the cost of virtual reality training here


If you are looking for an internal tool to create VR trainings like simulations, that only need to work well on VR headsets, Innoactive has a great Unity SDK for you.

AUCTA provides you a robust tool for your existing infrastructure to create, scale and deploy 3D content (not just VR focused) with the tools you already have and enable you with a way to take existing 3D data and create high business value across the business units of training, operations, service and customer facing.

Default-aligned image

If you want to learn more about what AUCTA can do for your challenges today and tomorrow – our experts are happy to have a personal conversation or you can read more on our website.

Incorporating 3D visualizations can have a sustainable impact on your business.

We strongly believe that AUCTA can add substantial value to your business. Allow us to demonstrate how it can future-proof your knowledge transfer processes.

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