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Launch: Collaborative Live Sessions

Berlin, Germany - April 2, 2021

Today we cannot meet in rooms together.
We cannot train in person.
Flying is expensive.
And online tool alternatives? Cannot replace what’s missing.

AUCTA brings you the world's first instantly sharable 3D-VR live collaboration suite.
To train hands-on remotely. To sell physical goods remotely. To service remotely.

At scale, instantly accessible, lean and simple to integrate.

Requested by You – the customer

Together with our Pilot Customers and Partners the product team has undergone extensive research to develop multi-user collaboration how it can be used at scale in the right way.

Many different entities from different departments and industries approached us with the same challenge: video-calls were not effective, alternatives non-existent or broken. In the first wave of COVID, Most of the training departments simply didn't perform a huge part of their training. AUCTA enables the immediate alternative.

„Die Fähigkeiten von AUCTA bieten uns ein ausgezeichnetes Werkzeug, unsere Kunden möglichst effizient zu unterstützen. Dabei ist es unerheblich ob es sich um unsere Endkunden oder um interne Kollegen handelt, die Benutzerfreundlichkeit und die Möglichkeit unsere Inhalte schnell zu skalieren ermöglichen es uns in vielerlei Hinsicht die Service- und Qualitätsstandards zu erhalten, für die wir bekannt sind.“
– Volker Kunze, Team Manager Knowledge and Digital Services at EOS + Additive Minds Academy

EOS is one of worlds leading manufacturers of industrial 3D printers for polymer and metal additive printing.

AUCTAs live collaboration is being used in 3 settings today:

Use Case: Remote Training

In remote training, AUCTA enables the hands-on training part with all devices the trainee already has at home. Training can also be performed with machinery and products that haven't even been produced yet – preparing your workforce at a level of detail no other technology would be able to.

Compared to video training a much higher level of engagement is achieved. Content

Compared to a native Virtual Reality solution, AUCTA provides you the freedom of not being forced to use VR headsets – enabling much faster scale and lower investment risk.

This makes AUCTA the non-plus-ultra as an infrastructural component for machine manufacturers, AGV manufacturers and medical device manufacturers.

Use Case: Remote Service

Remote communication has been developed since the telegram. Today video-calls via phone often break with limitations in bandwidth, and often simply seeing what the other person sees helps a lot. Service technicians struggle after troubleshooting: Having to explain precisely to an often uneducated or unprepared audience, using words for a highly visually and active task.

AUCTA enables service departments to share the right instructions swiftly. Recipients don't need to install anything, AUCTA works instantly. This saves time and money on the service side while increasing customer happiness and independent control.

Use Case: Remote Sales

Remote selling without being in the same room is a total game changer. And it will become an essential part of B2B sales life. However the right tools need to be used in order to have customers journey through the entire sales funnel. With AUCTA as the right 3D-VR guidance tool, your customers can gain virtual experiences and become educated on aspects they've previously only been in presence, helping you in your day-to-day sales activities.

"Pandemiebedingt sind Direktvertrieb und Große Messen nicht der Trend. Das Tool von AUCTA und derartige kollaborative Anwendungen sind die Zukunft! Denn sie ermöglichen es, Produkte über Distanzen gemeinsam in 3D zu begutachten und zu analysieren."
– Maren Courage, Gründerin VR Business Club

The VR Business Club and AUCTA have partnered to enable industrial companies to have a special access of AUCTAs state of the art solution offerings.

Incorporating 3D visualizations can have a sustainable impact on your business.

We strongly believe that AUCTA can add substantial value to your business. Allow us to demonstrate how it can future-proof your knowledge transfer processes.

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