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Partnership: Deloitte & Festo Didactic

Januar 30, 2020

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Berlin, January 2020

AUCTA becomes an ecosystem partner for Deloitte and Festo Didactic.

Together a digital learning factory model is being developed to serve automotive OEMs and suppliers.

The digital learning factory is deployed at the local production facilities to ensure quality increase, reduced cost in training and faster time of qualification.

AR/VR serves a crucial role in development of the product where trainees can learn autonomously how procedures and risk situations are successfully completed. The learning island "Lerninsel" model with a set of different stations promises flexibility and improvement in production environment compared to the traditional setting in the training academies and centers.

AUCTAs solutions are a great match for the autonomous onsite VR training environment and promise to achieve a maximal training effect on a broad spectrum of skill trainings.

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Incorporating 3D visualizations can have a sustainable impact on your business.

We strongly believe that AUCTA can add substantial value to your business. Allow us to demonstrate how it can future-proof your knowledge transfer processes.

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