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Fast Ramp Up Challenge Initiated

März 30, 2019

Stuttgart, March 2019

AUCTA joins the Fast Ramp Up Challenge cohort organized by Siemens Mindsphere.

Together with the industrial partners IBA, Seiotec, KUKA, Siemens and Trebing&Himstedt a productivity case for the shop floor worker in KUKAs automated guided vehicle (AGV) environments was selected.


The experts from different fields developed a solution that takes live data from the KUKA fleet manager through the IBA adapter and sends the live AGV vehicle data through the Edge network to the Augmented Reality glasses while simultaneously saving and synchronizing through the Mindsphere platform.

The Augmented Reality glasses then reinterpret the relative location data and vehicle information to create an accurate contextual overlay of position data, map information and vehicle information in the workspace.

This allows the worker to quickly analyze the situation and interact with vehicle and map engineering in real time through free gesture interactions allowing for better decision making and faster down-time resolution processes.


Despite the powerful outcome, the solution still only gives an outlook to how the future of work in manufacturing will look like. Today, hurdles in cross-infrastructure scalability and inconsistency between production plants prevent scalable solution development.

→ See the results of the Fast Ramp Up Challenge


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