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AUCTA boosts productivity with AR

Februar 2, 2019

Madrid, February 2019

Colleagues from a cancer research laboratory showed us their 100+ step processes in following laboratory protocols.

They complained about error rates and redoing work at least a few times a week.

Tablets and smart phones were not allowed in the sterile lab environment.

Together with the researcher team we developed a prototype with an Augmented Reality Head Mounted Display and built an instruction management system for the computer.

The result: A hands-free step-by-step protocol guidance throughout the full operative performance of 45min laboratory operations.

In conclusion the solution didn't just come with benefits: Ergonomics of the heavy AR HMD (Magic Leap One), battery times and limited field of view added a negative connotation to the economic benefits of time savings.

Useful applications with lighter and more comfortable head-gear in production environments are plentiful as progressive industrial players have already shown in the verticals of manufacturing, automotive, aerospace and aviation and logistics.

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