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AUCTA joins Plug And Play

Februar 25, 2020

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Sunnyvale, CA, February 2020

PlugAndPlay Silicon Valley has decided to take AUCTA into its Spring Cohort.

World's largest corporate innovation program PlugAndPlay cosists of over 500 corporate members in different categories like Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and more.

The Accelerator receives hundreds of applications every season and AUCTA was lucky to being able to join the Spring IoT Batch together with 14 other participants.

The Kickoff Event in Sunnyvale happened on the exact week where the COVID-19 outbreak caused a global shift from onsite to remote meetings, so instead of the AUCTA team moving to the Valley for a few months introduced its first remote Accelerator program.


Last Edited on September 1, 2020, 13:35 PM.

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