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PlugAndPlay Sustainability Batch

Silicon Valley, USA - April 1, 2021

AUCTA joins the Sustainability batch at PlugAndPlay Silicon Valley

Sustainability is in everyones mouth. Corporations enjoy dressing themselves by joining sustainability events and benefitting from the generally more and more positive image that comes with the terminology of sustainability.

There are also incredibly dedicated initiatives by the most forwardthinking and responsible members of our society. Startups and businesses taking energy and resources and putting them to use in order to achieve a positive outcome to what we currently see as beneficial for the global ecosystem.

AUCTAs principles and values align deeply with sustainability efforts: We believe in the future of AR/VR. But this change comes with a rapid development of new hardware. New electronics and hardware often come with a huge global footprint from their manufacturing process and conditions.

We believe new technology is good, but we also believe our software can help smoothen a transition between existing hardware and platforms and the latest AR/VR hardware and platforms, allowing organizations to increase the value they get from every bought computer and all the existing computing devices – while at the same time being entitled to invest into the latest.

We invite you to join our cause by using AUCTA as your platform that works both on existing hardware and new hardware, leveraging the value of what's already there while also working on the future without limitations.

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Incorporating 3D visualizations can have a sustainable impact on your business.

We strongly believe that AUCTA can add substantial value to your business. Allow us to demonstrate how it can future-proof your knowledge transfer processes.

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