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Oculus VR Training without Facebook login

Januar 19, 2020

In August 2019 Facebook announced a required Facebook login for all Oculus devices.

Through this update, Facebook made it a privacy concern for businesses using Virtual Reality applications through their Oculus Quest.

Privacy Concerns

Businesses are not interested in sharing sensitive performance data with Facebook as a required step to distribute their Virtual Reality training cases.

The forced Facebook login hereby has a significant impact on innovation drivers in training departments and academies who are now set back to either waiting for Oculus for Business to be unrolled, abandoning all VR projects for their Oculus Quest, or agreeing to Facebooks terms and agreements which likely don't comply with the GPDR regulations of the individual country and organizationals privacy guidelines.

Bypassing Oculus Facebook Login for Quest 1

For AUCTA you don't need a facebook login for full VR training accessibility, because AUCTA is purely web based and does not require a native installation through the Oculus Store.

Oculus Quest is designed in a way where its operating system allows you to enter the browser without needing a facebook account connected.

How to perform VR Training without being logged into Facebook on Oculus Quest 1 + 2

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  1. Start your Oculus Quest 1 or 2
  2. Be sure to be connected to the WIFI
  3. Open the Oculus Browser
  4. Enter your AUCTA short-link of your AUCTA content or test
  5. Click on "Enter VR" button once the training has loaded
  6. Happy training!

Incorporating 3D visualizations can have a sustainable impact on your business.

We strongly believe that AUCTA can add substantial value to your business. Allow us to demonstrate how it can future-proof your knowledge transfer processes.

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