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AUCTA v 2.4

Januar 29, 2021

Live Collaboration

Version 2.4 introduces a significant milestone of capabilities with the multi-user live collaboration to the AUCTA Player. Every AUCTA instruction can now be used to start the moderation of a live session and invite up to 1000 participants in parallel.

→ Test it in the live demo

Live instructions work on all devices, so you can collaborate in sessions where participants are using the Microsoft Hololens 2, connect them to the Oculus Quest 2 and have a couple of users join from their smart phone, all while hosting from a desktop computer.

The band-width is ultra low, because all live communication runs on a lean communication protocol. Compared to a video-stream, AUCTA's live bandwidth consumption is easily 100-1000 times more performant and can be steady even in underdeveloped edge locations where video-call tools would fail.

The system is setup for sessions to work fluently for up to 1000 participants and is hosted via AUCTAs AWS Cloud Infrastructure.

The Live Multi-user session tool is designed to enhance existing video-call or telephone conference settings and works as a perfect addition.

Use Cases

  • Remote service live support to service technicians, explaining based on the 3D instruction at hand, while having a phone call
  • Remote service for customers, explaining based on the 3D instruction when customers have problem solving the issue themselves
  • Remote sales communication between sales rep and customer
  • Remote training communication between trainer and trainee
  • Customer support live communication, explaining product/request issues

Starting a multi-user session

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  • You can start a session in any instruction
  • Starting the session, you will receive a link to share to participants
  • Sharing can be done through Teams/Zoom/Meet video-call chat and is best used in combination with an video call or telephone call
  • Participants will join your session
  • You will be the moderator and can guide the view of the participants

Upon joining a multi-user live session, each participant will load the interactive 3D Model and then enter the room.

When entering as a participant, you will be notified by seeing the number of participants going up on the top right of the screen.


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  • The moderator can "enable following" which automatically binds all users to her point of view. The participants now have to follow the view of the moderator and she can explain everything to the participants.
  • Following can be disabled, which allows all participants to again freely interact with the interactive 3D instruction.
  • Following can be enabled and disabled at all times, as often as the moderator wishes


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  • Moderators have the ability to put annotations in the form of arrows and temporary beacons
  • Arrows (ctrl + left click) help communicate and draw attention to a specific points
  • Arrows can be removed with a "ctrl + right click" on the arrow
  • Beacons (alt + left click) will disappear after 3 seconds

→ Test it in the live demo

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