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Alternative to MetaVRse

Januar 28, 2020

MetaVRse is a web based code-optional creator tool for interactive 3D, VR and AR experiences based on 3D models. In our comparison, we compare MetaVRse as a developer tool to create instructions/guides/experiences for industrial training, service and marketing.


As a developer tool, MetaVRse improves the workflow for 3D developers who seek to publish across multiple devices on the web. Developers use MetaVRse in combination with their 3D tools like Blender which is comparable to how creators use AUCTA.

MetaVRse features its own web based editor that allows you to import all your 3D assets and then code and edit your scenes until you have a final version to publish.
Independent editors are powerful: They prevent content creators from having to use Unity or Unreal to publish a VR/AR experience.

From the point of view of what can be created with AUCTA and MetaVRse you'll have to take a look at live demos of both tools:

Default-aligned image Test an AUCTA live demo

Default-aligned image Test a MetaVRse live demo

You will see two web based interactive 3D-VR experiences.

"Consumer" Interface

MetaVRse is built on extensive capabilities and therefor allows the developer to create entire custom applications, including the design and implementation of custom user interfaces, much like you could do in Unity.

Default-aligned image MetaVRse enables developers to invent and implement any kind of custom user interface they want

AUCTA on the other side provides an adaptive User Interface and experience out of the box, creating restrictions for the user to focus on the content creation only – and thereby achieving an extremely simple-to-use tool with high creation efficiency.

Default-aligned image AUCTA allows to efficiently create and upload step-by-step content

For those of you who are not aware what that means, try out the MetaVRse demo on a Virtual Reality headset like the Oculus Quest. You will find that most UI functionality doesn't work anymore and in fact is not "cross-compatible".

With its restrictions, AUCTA has the benefit of being able to provide a robust experience across all devices with a high reliability and industry readiness.

As a result most creators for MetaVRse will probably find themselves having to build their applications for either the 2D world, or the immersive 3D world – because if they wanted to have a seemless experience for both platforms, they would have to develop a much harder and complicated "dimension-responsive" interface.


From the point of view of the 3D-VR creator, MetaVRse offers a web based editor with clear focus on interactive 3D-VR experiences, which puts it far ahead from Unity, being able to cut away all the slack the gaming engine already has and which is not needed for the purpose.

Default-aligned image

At the same time, as you can see, there's a lot of interactivity and functionality going on.

To a creator of MetaVRses web editor, this feels a lot like a blend of any 3D software paired with use case specific functionality for VR and web distribution.

To compare to a standard 3D tool, below you see a screenshot of Blender where an AUCTA instruction has been created.

Default-aligned image

Content creators working with AUCTA can rely on their preferred 3D tool and will not have to code anything (AUCTA is a no-code platform). Animation, modeling and step-by-step breakdown is done in Blender (or the respective 3D tool).

Default-aligned image

AUCTA's XR web based editor allows to quickly edit and author:

  • 👣 Add and remove instruction steps
  • 📝 Add text instructions
  • 🔊 Add audio voice overs
  • 🎥 Adjust camera settings (guiding the user)
  • 🌍 Internationalize


Default-aligned image

In conclusion, MetaVRse has the sweet spot of being capable of a lot of the programmatic capability Unity can do, while being able to scale across devices.

AUCTA on the other hand has its sweet spot being highly scalable and easy to distribute, while at the same time being streamlined for maximum efficiency in content creation.

AUCTAs restrictions also allow it to expand its capabilities towards high in demand B2B features like multi-user capabilities for any AUCTA experience by default.


AUCTAs pricing starts at 299€/month per "creator" seat, allowing content creation, distribution and starting multi-user sessions.

MetaVRses pricing starts at for free as a "creator", the essential version costs $49 per month to prevent your content from being public.


AUCTA provides a constrained, yet low effort and high-speed system to deliver and scale instructions on all devices.

If you want to develop a custom application, MetaVRse has a broader functionality to cater your needs.

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