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Presentation at AWE

Munich - November 1, 2019

Augmented World Expo Munich 2019 revealed latest innovations in Virtual and Augmented Reality software and hardware.

Daniel Seiler of AUCTA attended AWE with a presentation about "How might AR change how we think in the future?"

The talk consisted of an interactive session between the audience, discussing different questions. The engaged dialogue led to interesting insights, shaping both utopian and distopian perspectives.

Key assumptions gathered:

5:00 – More effective interaction with technology through different activation of visuospatial pathways in the brain. Different effect on memorization.

10:55 – Reduction in cognitive efforts by simplification of day-to-day activities through Augmented Reality might increase our cognitive efforts to perform tasks that have been done without AR in the previous habit.

22:00 – Time to Information decrease through improved technological capability (such as AR glasses on the streets) might lead to decreased memorization activities. Further amplification of the "Google Syndrome". We probably grow our working memory.

30:00 – Public wearables have more intimate screens. Public behavior of technological information consumption might shift towards consuming more content we would otherwise only consume at home

35:00 – Wearables that block eyes partition might increase misunderstanding of interpretation of emotional language through less facial expressions to read from. Blocked eyes partition might will increase sense of privacy and might make introverts and shy people more comfortable in close-distance personal communication.

43:00 – Wearable ONLY public scenarios like supermarkets that allow shopping only with AR glasses might put on a new level of informational manipulation. Our trust into products might have an increased dependency on what we see in the holographic world rather than by holding, touching, sniffing...

50:20 – Substitutive Reality might decrease sensorical information from our direct environment. Sort of like head phones.

52:10 – Product design principles might move away from creating products whose physical form reveals its function. Interactivity will move to virtuality.

World's most influental Augmented Reality conference

For those who haven't heard of AWE yet, check out the next dates. AWE runs on the mission of of inspiring 1 Billion active users of Augmented Reality by 2020.

Default-aligned image From the Left: Anastasiia Miroshnichenko the WebAR Expert, Ori Inbar founder of AWE, Daniel from AUCTA

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