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Partnership with Magic Leap

März 25, 2020

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Plantation, FL, March 2020

Magic Leap and AUCTA start working together creating synergies on their enterprise Augmented Reality go-to-market commonalities.

The hardware manufacturer has undergone recent strategical repositioning, moving their focus from being consumer faced to adopting the enterprise Augmented Reality market.

Daniel Seiler states: "It's been a forseeable move for Magic Leap to look how it can deploy their hardware combined with valuable solutions today. There are thousands of use cases that make sense with Magic Leap hardware. I think live communication and knowledge transfer being the lowest hanging fruits where AUCTA comes in as a valuable solution as it is by default compatible with the Magic Leap headset."

Our experience in enterprise AR has already shown the differences of ML1 compared to Microsofts Hololens. Magic Leap is not designed for industrial use and will have to work hard updating their hardware design to being more suitable to achieve ergonomics and ISO guidelines required for day-to-day industrial use.

In learning and development, security risks are not an issue and Magic Leap One with its price of ~USD2000 can provide valuable support to classroom training environments and training facilities.

Daniel Seiler states: "Magic Leap could become a category king for the best soft-skills training hardware and as a tool to allow companies and their customers communicate better in sales and support related topics."

Using AUCTA with Magic Leap

Using AUCTA with Magic Leap is quite simple. Training links can be accessed through the browser and training can be started directly. The controller allows for an interactive experience with the training materials.

For more informations on using AUCTA with Magic Leap, reach out to


Last Edited on September 1, 2020, 14:00 PM.

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