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Joining VR Business Club

August 25, 2020

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Berlin, August 2020

AUCTA joins the VR Business Club with intent of listing itself in the network as the first solution provider for training solutions with full device- and platform agnosticity with direct access through web links.

The VR Business Club regularly hosts events with the most industry relevant thought leaders on topics in VR training and digitalization.

Henri Huselstein, Co-founder of AUCTA states: "Our strategical partnership with VR Business Club helps the network of industrial VR adopters have a solution listed that allows them to scale beyond pilot or PoC. Many industrial players are already looking into cost-efficiency to import massive amounts of trainings into VR where AUCTA will be the perfect solution provider to tackle these challenges. High levels of automation and standardization like ours allows training providers to generate lucrative business cases in cost reduction where overhead customization shouldn't eat away the profits."


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