AUCTA. Elevating 3D Solutions.

From CAD into 3D-sessions in just a few clicks.

Transform CAD-data into interactive 3D-sessions. And discover a completely new way to strengthen your service team, reduce service costs – and increase customer satisfaction.

Elevating Service Standards.

Transforming Customer Service.

From Berlin to Madrid around the world.

The fastest road to digitalize and automize your everyday work: AUCTA 3D-Sessions.

The turbo for your service staff.

With the help of Aucta, even complex maintenance and repairs can be performed quickly and reliable on site. The self-explanatory 3D-sessions – based on the original CAD data – will guide your employees through the entire process. At their own individual pace. This minimizes mistakes during execution as far as possible. The result: Your service staff will make a confident impression on the customer every time. With the highest possible level of comfort for your team.

Updates and component modifications.

Updates to processes or products are bread-and-butter business. With Aucta 3D-LAB, explaining the resulting changes to your service team has never been easier. All you have to do? Add the latest changes to your existing 3D-session in the Aucta-Library and send it via link.

Your service staff can then use the self-explanatory 3D-session to practice the important steps digitally in advance. Each one of them individually, at their own pace – so that they have already mastered every single move before working with the client on site.

Boost the sale of service contracts.

Online training with Aucta 3D-sessions enables you to qualify less experienced technicians for complex repairs and to expand your capacities at the same time. This allows you to respond to customer demands more quickly – and to sell more service contracts. Which will increase your revenue and significantly improve customer satisfaction.

Join the fast lane of customer service.

With Aucta 3D-LAB, you can respond to customer requests at lightning speed. Your customer needs maintenance instructions for the company’s internal service team? But you don’t know the service employees or their previous knowledge? With Aucta 3D-Lab, you instantly create easy-to-understand 3D-sessions for every level of knowledge and experience.

Fast meets simple.

The new standard for creating interactive 3D-sessions.

Want to create your own 3D-sessions?
Check out the AUCTA 3D-LAB.

From CAD-data to finalized 3D-sessions in just a few easy steps:

  • 1

    Upload your CAD-data.

  • 2

    Create and optimize your 3D-session.

  • 3

    Send finished step-by-step tutorial to your team via link.

  • 4

    Your service team immediately understands how to solve the problem.

AUCTA is easy to understand and can be operated by almost any employee without prior knowledge – after just 15 minutes of training. Try it yourself.
Book a free meeting with one of our experts and get started.

You prefer us to do it for you?
AUCTA 48h.
Our express-service.

If you do not have the capacity to create your own 3D-sessions, we will be happy to do it for you. Simply take advantage of our 48-hour service.

Product training, your Service-Team will love.

Anywhere. Any time. Any device.

With AUCTA 3D-sessions, you can guide your employees step by step through complete product designs, specific processes or single components – according to customer demands.

You can highlight the most important information to ensure that even complex steps are easy to understand.

Intuitive usability.

Create 3D-sessions, animations and videos yourself – without any prior technical knowledge.

Runs reliably. Any device.

Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone & VR devices

AUCTA Library: Your personal archive in the cloud.

Manage, edit and share all your 3D-sessions online – in the AUCTA Library.

100 % web-based.

No need to install any programs or apps on your devices.

Safe by design.

AUCTA only uses surface information from the original CAD-data. Which makes reverse engineering simply impossible.


Transform CAD-data to interactive 3D-sessions and create step-by-step tutorials for your service team.

More output. With less effort.

Save CO² & reduce travel costs.

With AUCTA 3D sessions, you can easily train your service team for existing maintenance and new products – online. Wich makes a large number of business trips obsolete.

Briefings. At the speed of a pit stop.

Watch. Comprehend. Implement: Speed up the onboarding process of your service staff. With AUCTA 3D-sessions.

Lean and effective meetings. Instead of endless back and forth.

Explore the advantages of interactive 3D-sessions.

Bye bye, language barrier: AUCTA AI support for automatic translations.

With AUCTA, all content can be easily translated – and will therefore be accessible to all service employees worldwide.

Knowledge is power. Sharing it even more powerful.

We believe that software technologies have the potential to give everyone access to knowledge. And thereby empower individuals.

We believe that by doing so, we can transform the way we work, the way we learn – and even the way we think.

The passion for this vision has driven us to develop a technology that makes it possible to share experiences and skills with anyone, anytime, on any device and anywhere in the world.

AUCTA 3D-Lab has been designed from the ground up for businesses. It provides the tools you need to quickly turn your CAD-data into interactive 3D-sessions that you can then easily manage and share.

Because the more you share your knowledge and skills with your team, customers or partners, the faster you will grow together.

AUCTA 3D-Sessions. The new standard to explain complex products in a simple way.

You want to know more about AUCTA?
Contact me.

Rustam Hasanov
Customer Success Manager

Industry leaders who already support their employees with AUCTA 3D-sessions – either in the AUCTA-LAB or with AUCTA 48h.

“AUCTA enables an accelerated B2B ordering process and its 3D visualizations greatly enhance the customer experience.”
Dr. Danny Krautz
VP B2B, Hy – The Axel Springer Consulting Group
“We instantly saw the value of the AUCTA platform and how it offers ALPHR the opportunity to be transformative across sales, installation, commissioning and support.”
Tom Ross
Head of Sales, ALPHR Technology

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