AUCTA Augmented Reality Platform

Instruct and operate more efficiently

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Instruct onsite – no classroom, paperfree

Aucta is about learning a profession in the immediate environment. The direct purposeful experiences gained result in immediate memorization of the trainee. With AR devices such as the Magic Leap One and Hololens 2, for the first time this training is now a possibility.


Learn by doing, learn by guidance

Connect training lessons directly with the objects in your environment. Highlight buttons on machines, demonstrate gestures of how to interact with a device, instruct on how to use a setup unique to your place.


Create your own training

Aucta is so easy to customize and create trainings, it literally allows anyone to manage and control trainings. This allows for efficient adaption to each unique place.


Didactic system

Create a training session and increase difficulty on repeated runs to increase memorization and examine memorization. Like in a test.

Use Cases

Bio Lab Researcher

Operating and training in the laboratory.


Plant Onboarding

Large site onboarding process for new employees


Aerospace Maintenance

Digitized and optimized maintenance protocol



Continuous retraining for the production line


Enter the next era of learning physical activities

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